Finest masterpieces made by hand signed and numbered by Xavier

Antonio Diavolo

Electronic reproduction of the original from Robert Houdin

Limited Edition of 12

The hardest and most difficult challenge of Xavier. The incredible automaton will do exactly the same mouvements as the original but without assistants...

10.000€ VAT free

Orange Tree Gold Edition

The incredible trick of R. Houdin made by Xavier

The most aclaimed trick of Xavier

First the flowers bloom, then the oranges appear and finally the one on topopens and two butterflies rising from the tree, with a handkerchief between them... A dream made reality thanks to the mechanic and electronic combination thanks to the master handkrafter Xavier Tapias.

4.800€ VAT Free

Hand made

Le Pâtissier du Palais Royal

This emblematic trick made in 1850 by Robert Houdin, is now replicated with Xavier.


The Wise Monkey

The automaton monkey can serve up to 6 different drinks. A customer said:

."The monkey was the best I ever got. Could really use and had lots of request if I would lend it out... Of course never in my life!".


2.547€ VAT FREE

Antonio Diavolo by XT


Each Eye-Box is different. It opens and closes alone if the Eye guardian, gives the permission.

A huge smoke and green light when opens...