In-person WORKSHOP on electronic applications and automata for MAGIC.   

BARCELONA - July 24 to 27 ,2024

Do you want to learn electronic animation?  



Starting from scratch and step by step, Xavier explains all his knowledge in the world of automation and automata applied in magic. 

A great opportunity to enter this wonderful world of electronic automata with the help of one of the most prestigious masters in this discipline.


  • Four hours a day (from 4 to 8 p.m. and from Wednesday to Saturday both included)
  • In the center of Barcelona  (GENI Club workshops. Passeig Maragall 275 Barcelona 08032)
  • Included Materials: Two servo motors, a Basic Stamp II programming board, switches, a 1-channel remote control, resistors, LEDs and other electronic components included. Modeling paste Epoxy, wood, paints, velcro, etc. Welding and DIY workshop available to students.
  • Construction of an automaton using all the principles explained in the workshop to take home
  • Every afternoon a half-hour break with coffee, drinks and pastries included.


Workshop: 1100€

(plus taxes if you need the invoice)


Registration payment in advance €300

€800 in cash at the workshop


12 students maximum