The power of my Dreams

Creative by nature, I enjoy experimenting with all kind of materials, which I transform to adapt to the most original acts.

My magic surprises for being completely unusual and different, provoking a strong emotional impact.

Free Luggage


All my acts are designed to travel around the world without having to pay for excess luggage. Each act is packaged in two suitcases of 23kg each.

Agreement valid for airlines attached to the advantages of Flying Blue

Only Me


In none of my acts, I need my own assistant. Everything is designed to travel alone and thus facilitate the effort of event organizers to cover the costs of artistic contracting.

Easy Setup

Everything is ready for easy staging, fast and comfortable. At the end of the performance, the collection of the stage is less than 1 minute and it  is not dirty with confetti or annoying elements for the next artist

Concept of my Magic


I like to transform usual objects into magical creations



Magic should get emotions out of your audience



I love to bring to life inert objects

My Acts come from my Dreams

Dreaming is the most magical thing that can happen to us.

When I remember a dream that I liked, I translate it into a magical act.

For this reason my acts are unique in the world. They are my dreams!

My Magic Acts


  • Silver Wand - Monte Carlo Magic Stars 2006
  • Mandrake d'Or - Paris 2007
  • Fourth classified in FISM World Championship of Magic - Beijing 2009
  • Bronze in Shangai International Magic Festival 2014

The Robot 


  • This Barcelonian magician, has made us literally amazed with his environmental act
  • A pure magic act that shows us poetry and dreams
  • The little boy who was beside us exclaimed: "That's real magic!"

The Boxes