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Security Payment System

Security of Credit Card transaction

In order to guarantee the safety of credit card transactions, Xavier Tapias Magic Productions adopts Verisign certificate to offer payment processing services for online merchants via a secure server which encrypts transaction data and make their intercepting by external users impossible.

Upon payment of your order by credit card, Xavier Tapias Magic Productions will immediately redirect you to a secure web page (SSL) of the bank which will deal with your transaction.

On this webpage, you can insert your credit card details (number and date of expiry), these data are directly transmitted to the bank, offering you the best guarantee of secure payment.

Unlike traditional shops, where your credit card details can be seen by shop assistants, waiters, etc, online transactions are completely secure because nobody, neither Xavier Tapias, can have or see the data of customers' credit cards.

The credit card is exclusively used for payment procedures; if the payment is successfully completed, you will receive an instant confirmation and Xavier Tapias Magic Productions will only receive a receipt number from the bank.

Your credit card number will never appear in our archives.

You can verify that you are operating in a safe mode in the following ways:

You will receive a message directly from your programme;

You can control that the address of the webpage on which you are operating is preceded by https;

You can check the symbol appearing on the bottom, on left or on right; if you see a key or a lock, this means that SSL is working correctly

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