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Antonio Diavolo


After more than five years of documentation, study and development, Xavier Tapias has been able to do the famous Robert Houdin's automaton: Antonio Diavolo.

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Limited Edition  signed and numbered by the author.

Build absolutely handmade from Xavier Tapias.



This reproduction is similar from the original one. The routine and the performance are identical. The internal mechanisms are made with high quality electronics .


As the original, it's presented free in our arms and is placed on the trapeze. There, it becomes alive and makes a baud and answer questions moving the face saying yes or no.



Step by step, Antonio begins his exercises on the trapeze, each time more, and more complicated.

Finally he releases his hands from the trapeze in a risky exercise. Once his acrobatic exercise routine is finished,  we take him  in our arms to bow.



All the parts will be signed and numbered by Xavier Tapias


An unforgettable masterpiece for all the collectors and admirers of Robert Houdin automatons.

Contact directly with Xavier Tapias for more information.


We will provide an special fiber suitcase, for a good and save storage and transport.



Trapeze bar ready fro subjection in a theater bar

Power supply, driver, preprogramed microcontroler

Explanations and maintenance advices

RC emitter to start the routine

Fiber suitcase with wheels

Certificate of authenticity and numbered edition


Assistant: Asun Forcén

Ideas and development: Adrián Soler

Stepper motors: Wouter Vermeulen - Productos CNC

Seamstress: Gwenaëlle Ardault, Andrea Soler y Lourdes Silvera

Documentation help: Gilles Mageux, George Proust, Miguel Puga, Jorge Blass


Antonio Diavolo - A Souvenir of his Performance . John Gaughan - Jim Steinmeyer

La Magie de Robert Houdin "Une Vie d'artiste" . Christian Fechner - George Proust

Essential Robert Houdin - The Miracle Factory . Todd Karr

NadaxAquí - Jorge Blass - John Gaughan . TV program


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