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Fruit Tree


A small tree that blooms slowly and appear three authentic fruit from its branches. The magician can give the fruits to the public.

Quantity: Available quantity : 3



This beautiful trick is the result of experience of Xavier Tapias in his famous reproduction trick "The Orange Tree" from Robert Houdin.


This version allows the magician to bloom and appear one by one three fruits from its branches


Ideal for combining with tricks such "The Card in the Orange" or "Lemon's Bill" or any other one where are needed similar fruits.



Electronic trick, made with a high quality materials. It's a plug and play effect with a great beauty.


There are three diferent colours for the pot: Green, violet and brown.


Material included


Recycled plastic material pot, thick and sturdy wall.

Remobable container tree with all the electronics mounted

Microcontrller prerecorded (Plug and Play)

One alkaline 9V battery

Four alkaline 1,5V batteries tipe AA


Certificated of authenticity signed by Xavier Tapias


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