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The Orange Tree Illusion


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An incredible handwork made by Xavier Tapias, replicating with an amazing delicacy, the acclaimed trick "The Orange Tree Illusion" from Robert Houdin.

Gold Edition

Absolutely handmade by Xavier Tapias.


This reproduction is faithful to the original. All the system is made combining mechanic and electronic components.

Controlled through a remote, the flowers will bloom, then the oranges will appear and finally the top orange will open and two butterflies will rise with the handkerchief.

The principal features of this Gold Edition are:


The pot is made with beech wood instead pine. Also velvet and brass motives.

Some leaves are painted gold giving another final look (antique).

The trunk of the tree is much more realistic.

All the internal material is made with brass instead aluminum.

The software is also improved and now the oranges start appearing mixing movements (not one by one as in the old version).

The tree is more than 180º (leaves part) to cover better the angles and the mechanism of butterflies.

The butterflies also are more realistic.



A suitcase made in carton fiber is included for a good storage and carriage.


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